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Our easy to use cloud case management software help you to manage clients, cases, appointments, documents, messages, invoicing and expenses.
Available 24x7 on the go anytime, anywhere and on any device. Download our mobile app available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows.

Search Lawyers Locally and Globally

Top Legal professionals are fast adapting to MyLegalNet case management software

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Access your MyLegalNet portal from anywhere using your smartphones or tablets.

High-speed Performance

Quick operation, even on a 2G Connection. Application run directly from a web PC browser or mobile without any downloads or installations.

Real Time

Start an operation on your smartphone, complete it on the web - without break. You can view the same data across devices.


MyLegalNet employs bank-grade security. 256-bit SSL encryption combined with enterprise-class data security and redundancy ensures total safety of sensitive client data. Security options allow you to determine who can add, change or delete items. SSL encryption ensures that all communications with MyLegalNet are immune to eavesdropping by third parties.


MyLegalNet’s task assignment system allows you to share tasks with your colleagues. A shared, case-linked task list gives a quick snapshot of what’s outstanding, who’s responsible and what’s the deadline. Assign tasks to other members of your chamber and monitor the progress of task completion for a specific case.

360° VIEW

MyLegalNet links appointments, documents, matters, contacts, notes and other case-specific information to Case IDs. Everything you need to know about a case is just one click away.

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