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Manage Case Files

Lawyers can open case files for clients, enter case details and link them to internal file ID. Different type of IDs can be added and customized for managing cases. Cases can be assigned to assistant lawyers and access can be managed by Chamber Manager or Principal Lawyer. During updating or deleting of case records, system will generate alerts, will be displayed on the dashboard for each of modules. This will ensure the integrity of the entire case file. Case file can be printed or PDF can be generated as per court format, which can be submitted to the court online.

Document Management

Sharing documents was never so efficient – Centrally manage all case related documents. MyLegalNet allows you to not just save your documents securely on the cloud, also you can even link them to internal file IDs or case IDs and share them with colleagues and clients linked to the same case. Versioning enables your team and clients to make changes to the shared document and upload their versions. They can comment on the document and view comments posted by others. Your clients can post approval online so you know when a document is ready to be filed in court. You will have choice to store documents in MyLegalNet or Drop box or OneDrive or Google drive depending on the add-on plan you have purchased.

Appointments & Calendaring

You can view your appointments for the day upfront on your dashboard as soon as you login. You can even create new appointments and link to Case IDs so that everybody on the case is instantly updated. Chamber-wide reminders ensure that you and your teammates will never be late for an appointment again. A nifty drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to quickly create or change appointments.

Invoice Management

Create professional looking invoices directly from your matters and appointments. Enter an hourly rate or bill your client at a lump sum rate. Invoices can be printed on a letterhead or predefined address in the application. Dashboard provides chamber/law firm performance matrix. What’s more, MyLegalNet’s Invoicing System also integrates with your existing accounting software.

Expense Management

Tracking expenses on client work is easier with MyLegalNet. Legal professionals can lodge their expenses and charge the client accordingly. Lawyers and Clients can easily track expenses related to the cases.


Court hearing appointments can be managed in matters. Lawyers and clients will be notified on court appointments to ensure you never miss a court hearing. System can generate the roznama (court hearing document reference) or matter list whenever required.


Every day we need to make quick notes, document phone calls and emails. Notes feature has four different sections, General Notes, Email Notes, Phone Call Notes and To-Do Notes. Lawyers can easily capture case related details on quick Notes, Phone Calls, Email Notes and To-dos. Using To-Do Notes lawyers can share tasks with their colleagues working on same case and collaborate in real-time. So you can do more to customize the experience, organize your tasks and cases, and optimize your productivity. All notes are automatically linked to the client cases.


Export is a powerful and secure feature for chamber managers or principal lawyers who can take daily export of entire chamber client’s case records and documents into their laptop/desktop PC from MyLegalNet. This will ensure that your business data is protected and will be always available in case of internet goes offline.

Court API

MyLegalNet provides you a robust API to integrate into the Court System. Lawyers can submit their case related documents securely into the Court system, through the API. API can be customized as per the court requirement.

Manage Access Control

MyLegalNet access control is a security feature that can be used to regulate as to who can access or what can be Added, Viewed,Edited or Deleted. Role-based access control is a necessary for effective security management. Roles can be easily created, changed, or discontinued as needed.

Event Management

Event planning and management is easier with MyLegalNet’s self-service platform. Anyone within the law firm/chamber can post an event online and will have an option to post events on MyLegalNet website.

Job Posting

Law firm has an open job requirement a job posting can be done internally to ensure that all the employees are made aware of the opportunity to apply for open positions. This feature also has the option to post jobs on MyLegalNet website.

Ticketing System

MyLegalNet has a built in ticketing system on the dashboard for any technical or support issues. You can assign an issue ticket directly to MyLegalNet technical team. Through the self-service ticketing system, users can create, view and monitor tickets through to resolution.


Messages provide Lawyers faster communication with their colleagues and clients. You can send and receive messages to your connections directly from MyLegalNet. All messages sent and received are secured and encrypted in the database. You can also link these messages to client or internal file id.

Document Template

Store your standard case related document template into the Library. Template contributor can update and delete the templates as required. All template is shared and can be downloaded as and when required.

Digital Diary

Day to day appointments with clients and court matters will be listed in digital personal diary. Also it comes with great features which help you to organize your time, minimize your effort and remember appointment time, client names and contact numbers.

Quick Word Processing

This feature allow lawyers and clients to create word text without having word processing software installed on their desktop or PC. Quick Word Processing is more intuitive, with easier formatting and editing features. You can export all the common formats: .pdf, .rtf, .doc, .docx .txt and more.

Global Access

MyLegalNet connects you and your clients globally without worrying about the local time zone. System will automatically track your location and time zone and notify your time zone. Lawyers and their clients who travel who need to know time difference around the world and want to be aware of world time zone they are traveling to, as well as for businesses which are located in different time zones and want to know current local time of their partners and customers.

Client Module

Client module contains the resources needed for clients to view and manage their case related documents. Clients can register free with MyLegalNet and added into multiple chambers/ law firms. All communication between lawyers and their clients instantly available on their portal.

Alerts and Notifications

Real time notification and alerts are recorded as and when case related documents are edited and updated. This will keep you updated and ensure the integrity of case documents.

Video and Audio Conferencing

MyLegalNet conference is a virtual meeting you conduct online, on your PC or Mobile with people in far locations and to communicate with them via video, text or voice chat. Lawyers and their colleagues and clients can book video conferencing meeting on web and mobile.


MyLegalNet intuitive dashboard provides you a quick snapshot and visual presentation of performance measures of chamber/law firm. To gauge exactly how well a chamber/law firm is performing overall, digital dashboards allow you to capture and report specific data points.

Law Firm Branding/White Label

MyLegalNet white labeling is a premium service that enables law firms add their company logo in MyLegalNet portal. Once you log in to MyLegalNet portal, you'll notice you company logo in the top left of the page.

SMS-Text Messaging

SMS notification will be sent to clients as and when appointments are booked. This ensures you and your clients never miss a meeting or court hearings.


Your decisions depend on timely and focused information. MyLegalNet has built-in 30+ detailed reports for Lawyers and their clients to print or option to convert into PDF. All reports can be real-time generated and you can use filters to display specific records by date or by clients.


Delegation is an administrative process of getting things done by others by giving them responsibility. Delegation takes place when a principal lawyer grants some of his powers to subordinates. Delegation can be removed anytime; systems maintains the delegation log history.

Knowledge Management

Lawy­­­­ers can post in MyLegalNet knowledge repository; law related or past judgment or any article they want to share with lawyer community. All articles can be posted internally with chamber/law firm or on MyLegalNet website. Option to post these articles in Facebook or Twitter.

Dual Authentication

One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication generates highly secure one-time passwords ensuring that only properly authenticated users are authorized access to critical applications and data. During forgot password, system will send OTP to your registered mobile to verify and confirm your identity.

Task Workflow

You can create task list for different types of matter categories. System will automatically create the associated tasks for matter category when creating new matters. This will avoid creating task manually for same matters. This will help Lawyers to save time and increase productivity.

Conflict Management

During new client signing in your chamber/law firm, you can search for conflicts by checking a list of the law firm’s clients (current and former), a list of “other parties,” and a list of lawyers who have represented other parties involved in your client matters. These searches must be conducted prior to the new client signing a retention agreement with your firm.

Time Tracking

You can track time you spent on a client cases. You can record the time by starting the timer on time tracking menu, which will record your activity time. System can capture time entries, and assign each to the right client or matter. All time entries will be calculated against the hourly charges or flat rate which can be invoiced.

Geo Near Search

Search by geo proximity and find the closest Lawyers within a given distance. This will help clients to quickly locate Lawyers within their vicinity. System will search the country,city, state, pincode and display it in google maps with the lawyers list.

Mailing Labels

You’re getting ready to send out a bunch of letters, mailers, or invitations and you don’t want to spend the time (and the energy) writing out the return address on each and every one of them. All you have to do is select the clients or lawyers and select the type of label to print. You can print on label stationary or on plain paper.


Contact enables Lawyers to manage, store and find clients contact information, such as names, addresses, email and telephone numbers. Contacts are grouped by Lawyers, Clients and other personal contacts.

Sticky Notes

MyLegalNet dashboard sticky notes is simple way to organize your reminder note or idea note. You can create multiple sticky note on desktop and drag them to where you want to place on dashboard. Sticky notes will open whenever login to MyLegalNet. You can also keep sticky notes always visible on your dashboard.

Practice Templates

Practice Templates will provide you the option to create and customize your own case files. Case file can be court case files, immigration case files, real-estate case files or intellectual property case files etc. Once the template is created, customized case files are available for all chamber lawyers.

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